How To Buy A Firearm Online

 Buying A Firearm Online is 100% Legal 

 Below are a few things you need to know first 

  • You are responsible for knowing you state and federal laws. 

Ex. Special Permits and restrictions that are needed to obtain a firearm/ammo.

  • All firearms are required by law to ship to a Federal Firearms License(FFL)

This means in no way will we ever have a firearm shipped to your home address. 

  • Once you order a Firearm and it has been received the FFL you selected for transfer, you must complete a 4473 (Firearm Transaction Record) and complete a background check. 

After you complete 4473 and pass your background check you are cleared to receive the firearm. 

  • Things to make Note of when buying a firearm online
  1. FFL dealers will charge you a  fee to complete the transfer average is $20-$55.
  2. Some states will require you to pay sales tax if you didn't pay it online.
  3. If you live in California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York it is especially important that you verify what you are buying is legal to own in your state.
  4. Lastly a good policy to adopt with buying a firearm online anywhere is to inspect the firearm for damage, defects and function at your FFL’s location prior to completing the 4473 form. 

How To Checkout With A Firearm


Once you add a firearm to the cart you will see the prompt below, click the select your dealer button and follow the steps show below in the screenshots. ffl-checkout-select-dealer.png




Once you have completed checkout with the firearm you may get a email notification requesting copy/photo image of your FFL's License.

If we have their License on file there is nothing needed.

  • In order to ship your firearm, we need an actual copy/photo image of your FFL’s license, without it we will not be able to complete your order. 
  • We highly encourage you to also be as proactive as possible in obtaining the necessary FFL info as we process a high volume of orders daily.
  • We recommend uploading the FFL image to our website via the following link which you can us or your dealer:


We ship Monday through Friday and processing time once payment and FFL/FFL Image have been received can take up to 24-96HRS.

Once your order has shipped you will receive a email with tracking information.