Guard Dog Premium Lthr Rfid Block Ultraslim Small Wallet-Blk AP-GDW-SBK

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Handsomely styled, this Guard Dog Security genuine hand-made leather wallet conceals an innovative advantage. Featuring RFID identity-theft protection, the wallet keeps enterprising thieves from utilizing radio frequencies to electronically capture personal data. Flip open the wallet for access to the many slots and pockets available for cards, photo ID and more. A two-section compartment holds and organizes your bills, credit cards and identity cards with the protection and peace of mind you deserve in an era of cyber and digital theft. Crafted with high grade genuine hand-made leather material, this luxe wallet offers premium durability for everyday use. Access denied. Keep your personal information safe with Guard Dog Security RFID protection in precision style. RFID blocking technology to help protect against identity and credit card information theft Genuine hand-made leather from the highest quality provides high-grade appeal and durability Generous space made of multiple pockets for various cards, photos, and much more Multiple compartments holds multiple credit cards and identification for convenience and utility Unique curved end allows you to ergonomically slide the wallet in to your pocket

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