Boker Tactical Kubaton Blue Aluminum Pen Black Ink 09BO069

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Fabricated from lightweight but high-strength aluminum. The royal-blue anodized grip body and the high-strength cap feature checkering that provides additional grip without placing an undue burden on the pocket hem. The Boker Plus TP also has a hard, rounded stainless steel insert on the shaft end that facilitates use as a Kubotan. The cap has a precision thread and is additionally secured with an O-ring on the inside. For writing purposes, the cap can be optionally pushed onto the back of the pen. Overall length 15 cm. Diameter: 13 mm. Weight 50 g. Overall length: 6.00 in Diameter: 0.50 in Material: Aluminum Ink color: Black Weight: 2.00 oz Mechanism: Cap Stainless steel pocket clip

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