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When it comes to optics on weapons, your optics is really only as good as the mount you put it on. Without a Quality mount, accuracy decreases with every trigger pull. Having a Strong, sturdy, and overbuilt mount on your gun has always been the norm. But with the Weight becoming a noticeable factor after a long day of weapon use, something with less weight looks way more appealing. With Scalarworks, you get the best of both worlds! Their revolutionary Leap mounts are Some of the Lightest and certainly some of the strongest in the industry. Made of 7075-T6 billet aluminum, these mounts are outstanding in every way, and they are Quick detach!

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Unity Tactical 

The Optics mount industry is always growing and evolving, with different designs, updates to materials, changes in the heights of the mounts and so forth. When it comes to Unity Tactical, they have hit the market hard with the wide variety of mounting options for your Rifles. Unity has created a product line, called the Fast Mounts, that really hit on these points. From Red dots, Scopes, and Magnifiers, Unity has you covered. Where other companies stop at just optical accessories, Unity goes even further with their Illumination accessories! From the HotButton to the TAPS SYNC Switches, illumination and IR, Unity Has you covered!

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Feb 25th 2022

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