​Shoot Now, Pay Later; Credova

​Shoot Now, Pay Later; Credova

Shoot Now, Pay Later; Credova

There have long been some unknowns that cause hesitation when buying firearms online. Most of these stem from just lack of experience doing so, or hearing misinformation on the topic. No, you can’t just buy a new glock online and have it sent straight to your moms house. We’ll cover the “how-to’s” of purchasing a firearm online in another article, but for now we want to discuss an easier way to pay.

Shooting Surplus utilizes Credova, an online financing service that doesn’t hate your freedom and interests. Credova allows you to purchase the gun and the gear that you’ve been putting off buying for the last 6 months because you just couldn’t swing it at the time. Think “shoot now, pay later”. Credova is safe, secure, and trusted by hundreds of retailers in this industry as well as thousands upon thousands in other industries.

Using Credova is quite literally as easy as using your credit card when you make a purchase. Head over to Shooting Surplus and find something that tickles your fancy. Generally the item will need to be over 300 dollars in order to finance through Credova. Once you’ve found something you like, you’ll see something that says “as low as $___ a month with Credova”. When you click on that, it will get you started. Credova will have you type in your phone number so they can send you access codes to set up and get into your account. You’ll fill in the requested information and end up hitting finish. Credova doesn’t do any hard inquiries on your credit or give you insane interest rates. It’s a safe and secure system that is focused on protecting your information and helping you get the things you want.

Once you complete the registration steps, Credova will show you how much you qualify to spend. This amount can change over time as you use Credova more. Once you see how much you’re qualified to spend, it’s time to shop. Pick out what you want and add it to your cart. You’ll go through the checkout process normally, just like you would any other time. If you’re purchasing a firearm, you’ll put in your local FFL’s information and address and so on. After entering all this information in, you’ll have multiple options for payment; one of which will be to finance with Credova. Select that and it will redirect you to Credova’s page. They’ll give you the rundown of your finance agreement with them and you ultimately can decide if you want to continue or not. Once you hit agree, you’re good to go! You made your purchase and your order confirmation will be sent to you.

Your first installment will come 30 days after purchase which gives you even more time to come up with some scratch to pay for your new blaster. You can set up auto payments as well on your Credova account so you’ll never even have to think about when the payment is due or anything like that. Simple and easy.

The process of buying a firearm should be and realistically is an easy process to go through. That said, being able to afford everything we want right here, right now isn’t always feasible. Credova believes in our right to bear arms and is dedicated to help facilitate us expressing those rights in a way that will work for us. If you’ve had any reservations before, I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself. Even if you have the money to buy it outright, check out Credova and see how convenient it is. There will be plenty of opportunities to thank me later.

Nov 3rd 2022 Jay Pelletier

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