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When it comes to Surefeed/Okay Industry Magazines, performance is #1. We have sold Surefeed for years because of the quality that goes into these mags. They are battle proven, used by Military, Law Enforcement, and Professionals across the industry. They are the co designer of the original M16 Magazine and Surefeeds Heritage goes back even further with designing M1 carbine mags during WW2. Top quality and no doubt affordable price. Surefeed is hard to beat when magazines for the AR-15 platform are needed.

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One of the best selling sub gun platforms in the industry B&T has been around for a long time. Some people don't know much about them but they have worked alongside H&K for years creating and designing products for them. from Suppressors to firearm components, B&T is world renowned for their Swiss quality, and in every product they make...IT SHOWS. Take for example, the B&T APC line of Pistol caliber carbines/Sub guns whether you are looking for an APC chambered in (mm, 45ACp, or even 10mm, B&T has got you covered. The APC is one of their flagship Firearms, because they have revolutionized the PCC/SUBgun world with their Hydraulic buffer system in the rear of the upper receiver. with blowback guns, they can have more felt recoil to them because of the sheer mass of the bolt coming back every time it is fired, the buffer system designed by B&T creates a very soft, light recoiling Subgun,k and for military and Law enforcement, having a system that tames the recoil of a full auto subgun, is Key!

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