Atn Tiwst4381a Thor 4 384 Thermal Rifle Scope Black Anodized 1.25-5X Multi Reticle 384X288, 60Hz Resolution Features Rangefinder

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ATN Thor 4, 1.25-5x, 384x288. The Next Generation of Thermal Sensors are here and they are powered by ATN’s Obsidian IV Dual core. Higher thermal sensitivity, improved contrasts, near silent shutter, and improved resolution make the new ATN ThOR 4 Smart Thermal Riflescope the sight to own. Easy to use and quick to learn but with all the features that you have come to expect from an ATN Smart scope. Ultra Sensitive Next Gen Sensor - Is capable of capturing crisp clear images at the furthest ranges with improved resolution, higher sensitivity, and smooth gradations even in total darkness. Ballistic Calculator- Hunt responsibly by making sure your shot hits the target Each and Every time. Range, Wind, Multiple-Weapon Profiles, Angle to target, Temperature, Humidity, Plus more. Helps you determine exact ballistics for expert long-range shots. Dual Stream Video Recording - You asked and we listened ThOR 4 not only Streams Video to your mobile device at HD resolution and can simultaneously Record to the SD card inside. RAV (Recoil Activated Video) - Recoil Activated Video (RAV) takes care of all your worries. Just relax and focus on your game and let the Obsidian Core do the heavy lifting. This scope will automatically start to record a video before and after you take a shot. Ultra Low Power Profile - No more worries about your batteries dying in the field. At 18+hours of Continuous operation the ATN ThOR 4 will last as long as you do. 1.25-5x, 384x288. Record and share your hunt with a press of a button. Video files stored on an internal micro SD card Weather resistant Fast and easy way to make a good distance estimate to your target. Once ranged in your reticle will automatically adjust its point of impact. Never miss that excellent hunting moment. Turn on RAV and let the ThOR record directly to your SD card Our new Dual Core Processor not only runs fast but runs cool. First-ever digital scope with over 16 hours of continuous battery power Reticles: Multiple Patterns & Color Options Bluetooth; iOS & Android App


Battery Life18 hrs
Dimensions13.10" x 3" x 3"
Field of View16 x 12.5 Degrees
Focus Range750 yds
Resolution384x288, 60Hz
TypeThermal Scope
Weight1.93 lbs
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