Atn Tico LT 160 Thermal Clip-On Black 1.5-3X 25Mm TICOTLT125X

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ATN Tico LT 160 Thermal Clip-On
Black 1.5-3x 25mm
The ATN TICO LT 160 Thermal Clip-On attaches to existing scopes to see heat signatures of people and game within range. This item works without zero and the clip-on provides detection/recognition/identification ranges of 475/240/160 yards. The TICO LT is compatible with riflescopes that have objective lenses between 45.5 and 50mm in diameter; optional adapters sold separately provide compatibility with 51.6-59 and 60-65mm objectives. Its 19mm lens produces an 8.1 x 6.2� field of view. The optic employs a 160 x 120 sensor with a 17-micron pixel pitch and 60 Hz refresh rate for clear, vivid imagery shown as white hot or black hot on a 1280 x 960 HD micro-display. Power is supplied by a built-in Li-ion battery with a runtime of 9 hours.
Provides daytime scopes with night vision capabilities;Fits 45.5-50mm objective lenses;White/black hot modes;Aligns with your scope, no zero;USB-C rechargeable; 9+ hours of battery life

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